Pink Oyster Mushrooms, The Good, The Great and the Yummy!

Urban Fresh Farms started based on our Moto ‘Eat Fresh, Buy Local, Live Sustainable’. We believe that mushroom farming is more sustainable therefore it can help to balance out in our busy life.

We feel a strong demand of locally produced products and questioning about the food source.
We love enthusiasm and awareness from customers. Yes that’s the reason why we are doing what we’re doing.
What is right for now can be wrong for tomorrow and visa versa but we are trying and we are willing to learn everyday.
We spend twice as much time and money to find the right packaging and delivery method yet it’s not perfect but as a small business we take the best approach we can and always strive to improve.

We believe mother nature loves diversity which explains the process of evolution. All different species appeared in the world gradually, and that one species came from another. The environment we live in is always changing and only the living things who are best suited to the changes and current environment of today will survive. When living things develop new features that work well in the new environment, they pass these features on to their offspring, and little by little, new species begin to form. This is the basis of evolution. This is how we are here today! We are very closely related to Fungi and it’s therefore ludicrous to think we have to stop something from evolving. We care about the environment, our footprint, pollution etc but if a mushroom evolves, and probably for the better then we are more than happy for that to happen.

Unlike some commercial mushroom growers in NZ we grow locally sourced, we do not import spawn (mushroom seed) from overseas. We use what is here right now in our backyard.

About this time each year there are a few that kick up a stink about the Pink Oyster Mushroom, (Djamor). Just to clear the air, this is legal to have in New Zealand and has actually been in NZ for quite some time. Now more than ever we need to look to better food sources. The Endemic Pink (Parsonsiae) is more or less the same mushroom. They obviously once came from the same area.

We love discussions and banter but it has to be constructive criticism and open minded.

Food for thought, something we should all be thinking about now more than ever

If you are interested in trying the beautiful Pink Oyster Mushroom you can grow your own with your simple Ready to Fruit Mini Farm.