Resilience during hard times

Urban Fresh Farms have the Moto: Live Sustainably, Buy Local, Eat Fresh. The lifestyle we want to share with our people and our community is all in there.

Through simplicity we create our style and being humble helps to be resilient when times are tough. This situation definitely gives us all hardship but also gives us time to think about our quality of life and what our core values are. Time to think about where we want to head as opposed to just doing the daily grind.

Now more than ever we need to reflect and start to make ground on changes for ourselves as well as our environment and our planet because these viruses are going to come hard and fast at us more and more! This is not just a one off. We need to look after our communities first, buy local produce and stop sending our hard earned money overseas. Reduce our purchasing of crappy plastic products that end up in land fills and get back to basics. This time has allowed us to spend valuable time with loved ones and to reconnect. We as a business and a family are making conscious decisions now when buying products. Our goal is to buy only NZ made items.

To be resilient is to accept the situation and make your way around obstacles and be thankful for what we have and to enjoy them.

We have been working hard to figure out new ways of running our business so to ensure we can stay operating when we come out the other-side of this lock-down. We have been focusing on the products that we can still produce, mainly our Oyster Mushroom grow at home kits Check them out here and thinking of new and exciting products we can create.

We have been giving a 20% discount on all of our products during alert level 4 so be sure to checkout our online shop if you have not done so already.

Live Sustainably, Buy Local, Eat fresh is all from resilience.
Be humble and stay well.

Grow Food Stay Healthy